Full name Kalthoum Ibrahim Yousif Al Zein
EMAIL Kalthoumyousif@yahoo.com
BRITH DATA 28/ ديسمبر / 1958م
Department college Nursing Sciences
Courses and training
Saudi Heart Association for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation 2001
Attendance of International symposium on advance renal diseases & transplantation 8-10th October 1996
Nursing Management Course 1994 1995
Code procedure course annually 1983 2001
Basic Electrocardiogram course 1983 2001
Variety of general lectures

High Diploma in Nursing High Nursing College (Khartoum) 1974-1977
BSc in Nursing Upper Nile University 2004-2006
MSc in Medical Surgical Nursing University of Medical Science &Technology 2007 2009
PhD in Medical nursing University of Khartoum / Post graduate college 2010 – 2013

Practical experiences
Dean faculty of nursing science at al Ribat University December 2013 to date
Acting Dean faculty of nursing science at al Ribat University February 2013 December 2013
Doctorate student Khartoum University in research phase 2010 2013
Acting dean / as coverage for dean vacations 2010 for 4 months
Assistant Dean for academic affairs Faculty of nursing Science / The National Ribat University 2009 2011
Head department of basic sciences National Ribat University June 2009 October 2009
Lecturer in Medical and Surgical Department Faculty of Nursing Science/Al Ribat University August 2007 to date
Matron of Al Baraha Medical city Khartoum North 2003 2004
Head Nurse of renal dialysis unit King Khalid university Hospital 1986 2001
Charge Nurse King Khalid University Hospital Saudi Arabia 1983 1986
Senior Sister in renal dialysis unit Soba University Hospital Khartoum Sudan 1977 1983
Staff Nurse ST Mary Hospital London 1977 1978