Full name Kawther Mohammed Mokhtar
EMAIL Kawther_mokhtar@hotmail.com
BRITH DATA 25/5/1975
Department college Nursing Sciences
Courses and training
Training course on structural methods of education January February 2003
Training course on structural methods of education 2002
IMCI Standard case management training course 2007
theoretical & practical course on introductory cardiac program 15th April 2006 19th April 2006
Training course on Research methodology 2006
Workshop on Research methodology January 2012
Training courses on Nutritional assessment 2013
Construction &administration of OSCE held 2012
Workshop on Gerontology and Geriatrics 1999
Workshop about IMCI implementation 2013

Scientific conferences
Participated in10th international nursing conference (towards excellence in ethical professional conduct among the heath team) Ain Shams University Egypt 2009
Participated in 22, 23 Conferences (together for safe motherhood, Obs&Gyne) 16-19feb2009
Participated in 23rd conference education and training in Obse and Gyne maternal medicin –khartoumsudan . 2011

BSc of science in nursing University of Khartoum October 1996
M.Sc. maternal and child health care in nursing April 2001
PHD on progress university of Khartoum
Diploma in teaching Methodology University of Khartoum 2003
Diploma in computer sciences university of Khartoum August 1999

Practical experiences
Presentassistant Professor, supervisor for undergraduate researches and academic supervisor for student
Teaching Khartoum Hospital
Ribat Hospital 1997 2000
Saleroom Specialize Hospital 2000 2002
Ahmed Gasim Hospital Cardiac Center
Head department of pediatric and Obstetrics 2001 june2008
Head department of basic Sciences & Research July 2008 October 2010
Head department of Pediatric Nursing November 2010 till now
Acting Dean for 6 month in 2001 then for4month in2003 and for 40 days 2014